Hurricane Viz

Analytics for Developers, Visualizations for Non-Developers

Focus on getting answers and let HurricaneViz do the heavy lifting

If you need Custom Analytics but

Don't want the headache of managing infrastructure

Don't have the resources
to build it

Can't find a service for your specific needs

Want complete control over
your data

We have built a powerful, customizable and scalable analytics platform just for you

With HurricaneViz you can

Collect Data

Send your data from any where you want. HurricaneViz is built to take up to millions of events per second and store petabytes of data

Get Answers

HurricaneViz gives you the power to ask questions by running queries on top of your data. Marry multiple datasources, create multiple workflows, the power is with you


HurricaneViz makes it easy for you to create powerful visualizations with highly configurable and beautiful dashboards. Dashboards are mobile and tablet ready for you to consume it on the go


HurricaneViz allows you to share your dashboards with anyone you want, with full control on what you want to share. Share custom reports with partners, customers, investors, whoever! Its your data after all

Why Hurricane Viz?

Hurricane Viz's simple user interface makes it easy to analyze your data. No need of programming knowledge, it just works.

Share insights with your stakeholders and have complete control on what you want to share per user basis. Its your data after all!

We make it easy for your to create beautiful and powerful dashboards using our charting plugins. Create once and make it available on tablets, mobiles and desktops.

We make it easy for you to get started with our detailed documentation and training videos.

Get Hurricane Viz now!

Check out our demos!

Seller data visualized for each provider for e-tailer

Effectiveness of Search and Referalls

Cab service data visualized


Get started with sending events, analyzing your data and creating dashboards

Training Videos

Step by Step tutorials for deeper understanding of HurricaneViz


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